How To Get Into Running

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I tried to get into running and failed—partly because it didn’t excite me, and partly because it caused me pain. For many, however, running in retirement provides a huge reward.

There is a guy that I used to play squash against that it clearly works for. The Rural Business Community sits on a footpath that runs between Seaton and Lyddington. I usually sat at my desk by 7.30 each morning, and about 15 minutes into my working day he jogs past the window. There is another retired resident of Seaton that jogs into the nearest town and back to buy a newspaper each morning; a good five-mile round trip. Clearly this is working for them, so I wanted to find someone who could help you too.

A great friend of mine, who I met on ‘Warrior Training Camp’, is fanatical about her running. Her business specialises in teaching physiotherapists how to get their clients to run better. So I thought who better to ask than the wonderful Nadine Horn. She kindly gave me the following tips on how you can get into running:

1. First, understand ‘why’ it is important to you. Of course, the human body is like a dog that needs to be taken out for a walk. You wouldn’t leave your dog at home doing nothing, so why would you treat yourself that way? Think about how it will benefit you to oil your joints and to get rid of toxins.

2. Ask yourself, ‘What would a perfect day for running look like?’ Apart from making us fitter and healthier, every time we go out for a run, it is a part of our life. Where and when can you run to make it exciting and enjoyable? What beautiful places do you live near you want to visit more? Write down three things that would excite you about going for a run: Maybe being picked up by a good friend in the morning as the sun rises, enjoying the smell of the fresh morning air, and heading off to explore different parts of your city or countryside, maybe finishing it off with a chat at the coffee shop.

3. Start small. Take baby steps rather than trying to run a half marathon in your first week. Start with 10-min runs and increase the time slowly, at a pace that you are comfortable with. Remember, if you can still just manage to hold a conversation as you run, you are going at a good speed.

4. What gets measured gets done! Notice what’s happening inside of your body, both during the run, after the run, and over time. Support the journey your body has instead of allowing the mind to push too hard, which can cause injury. This is the bit I am not very good at! Record your runs using an app like ’Runkeeper’ or ‘Moves’ so that you can see yourself getting better. Weigh yourself so you can see yourself getting healthier. You can even photograph yourself so that you can see the improvements.

5. Build an awesome team. Run with people whose company you enjoy. Find ways to improve your running technique and understand your body, particularly your feet. Make sure you have the right shoes by doing the wet foot test. You can read more about this at Get educated by people who are committed and accomplished runners, rather than from physiotherapists who don’t run themselves.

6. Set yourself a personal challenge, like I did with my ‘Century Cycle Challenge’, to keep up your momentum. You’ll see increased motivation to keep going out in the early days. Select something achievable that also pushes your limits.

7. Remember to stay curious and allow yourself to make changes. Ask for help, and stop in the middle of the run if something is not right.

Nadine coaches physiotherapists on how to treat their patients more effectively, but she also holds running clinics for people who want to push their running that little bit further. If you want to find out more, please visit her at You will not find a person with more energy or enthusiasm for running!

Getting Organised Will Deliver Success

• Order your supplements (find our latest favourites at

• Order your toxin-free cosmetics (find our latest favourites at www.Dream-Retirement/products)

• Having read the ‘Two-Week Detox Challenge’ below, plan what you are going to eat and order your fruit and vegetables and other ingredients five days in advance.

• Find an area like a spare bedroom where you can do some exercises and yoga. If possible, leave a towel or yoga mat laid out so that there is nothing stopping you each morning.

• Do the water calculator and organise a large refillable water bottle near your desk or in the kitchen so you can monitor how much you are drinking. (

Morning Routine

Start the day with the following invigorating routine.

Upon waking:

• Drink a half pint of water.

• Do 30 press-ups (if you can’t manage full press-ups yet, keep your knees on the floor, and if that’s still a struggle, put your hands on a step or similar).

• Do 30 sit-ups, or as many as you can.

• I then suggest you try some yoga poses. I asked my friend Dylan, the founder of, to put together a morning sequence that will take you about 10 minutes, but leave you feeling amazing.

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