Dream Retirement Events

Charlie Reading is an outstanding, sought-after speaker whose seminars and webinars are wildly popular, usually sold-out affairs, even when admission is £197. So imagine how quickly they’ll fill up when they’re FREE!

That’s right, for a limited time, Charlie is offering one of his exclusive, highly praised Dream Retirement events, “The 9 Steps to a Dream Retirement,” absolutely FREE!

Although there’s no charge for admission, it is by invitation only, so take a look at just a bit of what Charlie will cover in this extraordinary event, then register NOW for either the next upcoming Webinar or Seminar.

When you attend “9 Steps to a Dream Retirement,” you will learn:

How to afford your dream retirementWhether your ideal life is modest or more on the extravagant side

Charlie’s vast experience, and his commitment to ensuring that your retirement years are the best of your life, mean he can offer you advice about all aspects of your finances – for now and many years from now. Over the years, Charlie has helped many of his clients achieve the retirements of their dreams, so he knows that your #1 concern is likely to be how you’re going to get – and keep – your finances where you’ll need them to be to ensure that your days are spent living out the life you’ve always longed for, not stressing out about how you’ll pay for it.

Secrets to truly enjoying your retirementExclusive tips that may surprise you

If you’re still a decade or two (or three) away from retirement, it may be hard to imagine that yours will be anything less than perfect in every way – stress-free (especially compared to your work life!) and filled with adventures large and small, once you have the time (and money) to spend with your loved ones, pursuing hobbies, volunteering, checking off everything on your long-held “bucket list,” then maybe even starting a new one! Charlie will show you how you can enjoy every minute of your retirement – whether it’s right around the corner or you have a few more years to add to and polish up that list.

How to remain healthy in all aspects of life Financially, yes, but also physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Happiness in your post-work years is about much more than just your financial health. After all, you could have all the money in the world (or a good chunk of it, anyway), but if you don’t have the physical stamina to get out and enjoy what it can bring you, or you suffer from depression or feelings of purposelessness or inadequacy when you’re no longer working, what’s the point? Charlie will show you that the only way to truly flourish in retirement is to care for and balance the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.

Charlie will discuss so much more in “9 Steps to a Dream Retirement,” like nine causes of retirement unhappiness – and how good planning can help you avoid them – and why people run out of money in retirement – and strategies to ensure you are not among them.

Whenever you’re planning to retire, you cannot afford to miss this amazing event! Don’t forget: though what you’ll learn is invaluable, it is absolutely FREE! Please email us right now for your personal invitation to attend “9 Steps to a Dream Retirement”!

Charlie Reading will be hosting a series of upcoming Dream Retirement Events called “The 9 Steps To Dream Retirement”. These events will be extremely exclusive and by invitation only. To register NOW for an upcoming:

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