Create Energy Pt.2

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In continuation of the previous post, here are the other steps you need to follow to create energy for your body.

80% Natural Foods

Eating the right food to generate energy is about providing your body with the nutrients it needs in a form it can digest. As a result, I try to eat a diet of 80% natural food: That is, 80% of what I eat is made up of fruit, vegetables and unprocessed meat.

For now, if you start to eat a diet where 80% of what you consume is natural, you will be going a long way to improving your health.

The Energy Muscles

Certain muscles in the body provide us with immediate access to abundant energy: The muscles on the back of the top of the arm (triceps) and on the inner thighs, in particular, provide much of this energy. If these muscles are strong and lean, you will also have much more natural energy. Therefore, if you do regular exercises that tone these muscle groups, you will feel amazing twice over!

In addition to improving your energy levels, stretching and toning your body regularly will improve your flexibility, which in turn reduces the risk of back pain, osteoporosis and arthritis. It is shown to lower your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that causes lots of problems from digestive issues to tummy fat! Toning can also lower your blood sugar, regulate your adrenal glands, help you focus better, drop your blood pressure, strengthen your nervous system, help you sleep better, boost your immune system, reduce digestive problems and make you feel good!

Doing regular exercises like press-ups, sit-ups and yoga poses each and every day can therefore improve both your physical and mental health. If you want to learn more about yoga specifically, I highly recommend Jennifer Steed’s DVD on everyday yoga. She will also send you an amazing playlist in exchange for your email address on her website

I asked Jennifer why someone approaching retirement should take up yoga, and she listed the following five key benefits:

1.To reverse some of the damage done in the ‘Invincible Years‘.

2.To counter years of nervous system overload from building, creating, managing, striving, fixing, responding, adjusting, challenging and achieving in the world of work.

3.To open up new patterns of movement, which translate as new pathways in your brain.

4.To give you enough energy to enjoy grandchildren, sports, your life dreams and your present relationships.

5.To give you internal skills to navigate the inevitable challenges of aging.

Traditional yoga is a great way to stretch and wake up in the morning, but some will need something a little more active to get themselves in shape. This is where ‘Hot Power Yoga’ comes in.

You may have heard of ‘Bikram Yoga’, but Hot Power Yoga is different from Bikram in a number of ways. First, although it’s hot, it’s a comfortable heat. Whilst a Bikram Yoga studio is heated to close to 40°C, a Hot Power Yoga studio is 28–32°C. This means there is enough heat to warm your muscles and encourage sweat, but the lower temperature allows for more movement or ‘flow’ in the class, therefore a more athletic cardio element. In contrast to the Bikram Hot Yoga sequence, which is the same in every class, each Hot Power Yoga class is different. The teachers follow a specific class structure but have the flexibility to select the poses they feel are appropriate to the yoga students in the class. This allows for creativity and playfulness, meaning you experience more variety and get to try different postures.

There are a number of reasons to do yoga in heat: Firstly, our skin is the largest organ of our body. When practicing in heat, you will sweat and this releases toxins from the body. The heat and sweat therefore help you detoxify. The heat also warms the body and encourages muscle suppleness, joint mobility and flexibility. The result is a deeper yoga practice with a reduced chance of injury. Heat provides an extra level of challenge and cleansing: After sweating out a Hot Power Yoga practice, you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally cleansed. This is why Hot Power Yoga is such a great antidote to modern life. You can find out more at, or search for a class near you.

Getting older might make you feel like you are slowing down. Do not be fooled into thinking this is cognitive decline, you have so much information in your brain that it takes more time to access it! You can be stronger and happier in your retirement than ever before. Life is an adventure, you can expect change and embrace it. Learn the right time to retire, how to boost your retirement income and create your dream retirement. Follow your dreams and love what you do!

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