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Charlie Reading got a chance to be in Positive Phil Show to talk about how to retire happily. In this episode, you get a glimpse of who Charlie Reading is and what his business is all about. In a nutshell, Charlie is a chartered financial planner, speaker, entrepreneur and author who is passionate about retirement planning.

Charlie has successfully helped many people save for, manage and enjoy their retirement. Even when they didn’t think they had saved enough, Charlie has the solution to achieve happy retirement. Through careful planning he has shown them how they can maximise their money, reduce their risk and design an income strategy that delivers the life that they for their retirement.

Aside from saving money for retirement, Charlie is also passionate about building a better life through understanding what makes us happy and healthy. He also helps people manage their time during retirement to avoid boredom. It’s enough to have all the money that you need for retirement if you don’t have anything to keep yourself occupied. Retirement gives you all the time you need to get a new hobby or pick up again your forgotten hobby.

Listen to the whole podcast HERE.

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