Retirement is a hugely painful and emotional stage in life. You’ve spent your whole life earning money, and now you need to turn off that tap and live off what you have accumulated. Will it be enough? Will it allow you to live out the life of your dreams, or are you at risk of running out if you live into your nineties when returning to work just isn’t an option? Can you afford to do the Bucket List; but can you afford not to? After all, you don’t want to be the richest man in the graveyard

And that’s just the money. Retirement is about so much more than just the money, but that doesn’t get talked about. How will you spend your time? Will you be living out a BORING, BROKE and BRIEF retirement because you don’t have the health or the balance of activities to facilitate something better?

In The Dream Retirement, I will give you an inspirational guide on how you can turn your new life into a FANTASTIC, FRUITFUL and FULFILLING existence. I will teach you the secrets to ensure you know how much you can spend in retirement without running out. I’ll explain how you can maximise and organise your hard-earned retirement savings whilst minimising the risks. I’ll show you how to design the retirement of your dreams packed full of activities that stimulate your body and mind, whilst ensuring you have the health to be able to live out that new dream life. I’ll show you what to do NOW for an amazing THEN!

Make your later years your best years!


  • Manage your MONEY effectively in the lead up to — and during — retirement, by ensuring it works hard for you, minimising your risks, and structuring your income so you can enjoy your retirement to the max, without the worry of running out!
  • Structure your TIME in retirement to satisfy your needs and to ensure you have created a balanced lifestyle that leaves you feeling fulfilled and rewarded.
  • Boost your WELLBEING so that your body, mind, and relationships are healthy enough to endure


An inspirational guide for how to turn your new life into a fantastic, fruitful, and fulfilling existence. I will share with you the secrets of knowing how much you can spend in retirement without running out. I’ll demonstrate how to maximise and organise your hard-earned retirement savings whilst minimising the risks. I’ll teach you how to design the retirement of your dreams, packed full of activities that stimulate your body and mind, whilst ensuring the good health to be able to carry it through. I’ll show you what to do NOW for an amazing THEN!

Learn how to build Life 2.0, the retirement of your dreams.

  • Find out how to forecast your financial future so that you can ensure you don't run out of funds or that you don't die the richest person in the graveyard.
  • Learn to maximise your money to ensure it is working as hard as possible for you, without taking unnecessary risks.
  • Build an income strategy that allows you to tick off your Bucket List whilst you are young and healthy enough to do so, at the same time ensuring you still have enough for later life
  • Learn how to structure your money so that you have the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing financial future.
  • Find out how to build and enjoy the Bucket List of your dreams.
  • Learn to balance your time in retirement to ensure you are satisfying your basic human needs, leaving you feeling fulfilled and rewarded
  • Find out how to build a life with purpose, so that you look forward to every day of your later life.
  • Learn to boost your health, so that you stay free of disease and can live out a long and energised Life 2.0, the retirement of your dreams.
  • Ensure your mind continues to expand and improve rather than withering away
  • Manage and nurture your relationships throughout this challenging time to create an amazing new life.


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Charlie and his team at Efficient Portfolio have managed my finances for over 13 years. Their specialised knowledge and innovative approach has enabled me to look at my finances in a different way and with a long-term perspective that I didn’t think possible. Whilst I am some way from retirement, it is comforting to know that what I am doing today will set me up for the future and enable me to live the life that I hope for in later years. Charlie continues to challenge my thinking from both a financial and well-being perspective, and I know that he will help me make sure that retirement is exactly what I want it to be

Helen Wada Client Relationship Manager and Associate Coach, KPMG UK

Having worked as the Finance Director for a global retailer for 25 years, my mind moved towards planning a phased retirement. I quickly realised that this would be best achieved through working alongside a knowledgeable third party. I met Efficient Portfolio through a recommendation and found their support and planning tools to be insightful in formulating my unique goals

Peter Chinnery FCMA CGMA, Peter Chinnery Retail Consulting

Illuminating, inspiring and innovative; this book has completely changed my perception of retirement and filled me with excitement for my Life 2.0!

Alexander Woo Author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich?

Retirement’s just about how much money you have, right? Wrong! Charlie Reading not only tells you what elements comprise a happy retirement, he shows you how and why the ‘Dream Retirement’ can be yours

Elma Alorro Dionela Author of How To Turn Scars Into Stars

There are several publications out there that tackle just one or two elements of retirement, but many only scratch the surface. The Dream Retirement is very different; it reveals ALL the secrets to a happy, healthy and prosperous later life, all in a concise, enjoyable book you’ll want to recommend to your friends.

Ahmad Duranai Author of The Leadership Zone

Once in a while a revolutionary book comes out that sparks something life-changing inside you. The Dream Retirement is that book!

Elizabeth Frisch Author of Millions To Million$

So many people fail at creating and enjoying a happy retirement; make sure you’re not one of them by reading this book.