One of the most commonly asked questions I receive from potential and existing clients is centred on property vs pensions. With so many people asking “should I purchase a buy-to-let property instead of investing into a pension?” (READ MORE)


We have focused on pensions in a reasonable amount of detail, which is a necessary evil when discussing the topic of retirement. There are so many other tools that you can use to plan your retirement. I want to touch on these as well as focus on the accumulation stage. (READ MORE)

How You Get at Your Money

To be able to select the right options at retirement, you need to be able to organise your affairs correctly in the lead up to and at retirement. I want to guide you through the tools you have available to use, so you too can get yourself organised before retirement.(READ MORE)

Success Story – Can’t Afford to Retire

A new client was referred to us when one day, suddenly, he had been given the bombshell that he was going to have to retire almost straight away. (READ MORE)

Charlie’s Guide to Cornwall

Set on the westernmost part of the south-west peninsula of Great Britain, Cornwall, or ‘Kernow’ as it is known in Cornish, is one the most naturally beautiful parts of the UK. With breath-taking, rugged coastlines, wild, lush moorland and quaint villages full of south-west charm, it’s no wonder that Cornwall pulls in millions of visitors each year. (READ MORE)

Our Pensions are Under Attack

A person’s pension is often the most valuable asset after their home, but sadly it rarely gets the same level of attention as the roof over their heads. If the tax man wanted to take away a chunk of your home, like your garage for example, I dare say you would be up in arms on your front drive, barricading your property. (READ MORE)


How to Prevent Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you just what dementia and its associated illnesses can do to a person; most of us know someone who has experienced this tragic illness. (READ MORE)

Too Old to Work, Too Young to Retire

There comes a point in all of our lives where we feel too old to work but too young to retire…(READ MORE)


Is 60 Too Old to Lose Weight

I speak to so many people who have spent every day since they were in their teens on a diet. The perpetual struggle between a trim waist line and a tasty bag of chips has of course sparked a multi-millionaire pound diet industry, and it’s no surprise. (READ MORE)

What is a Dream Retirement?

Watch the video to know more about what a dream retirement is. (WATCH VIDEO)

thai flag

Thailand Travel Guide

For those of you who have read ‘The Dream Retirement’, you will know that during my early twenties I took off travelling to broaden my mind and find my purpose. Many of the articles you’ll read on this site are based on my experiences during this period, especially this, my travel guide to Thailand. (READ MORE)


How a Healthy Gut Can Help You to Lose Weight, Reduce Illness and Live Longer

Healthy eating is an ongoing debate. It seems that every week ‘experts’ contradict themselves by telling us that last week’s superfood is this week’s no-go. (READ MORE)

Disneyland Paris

Guide to Making the Most of Disneyland Paris

If you are booking into Disney’s own hotels (which we thought were worth it) the best options seem to be The New York (10 minutes’ walk to park) or the Disneyland hotel (right next to the gate, lovely reception and restaurant, but about £1000 more expensive, not sure it is worth the premium). (READ MORE)

Holidaying in South Africa

One of the traits I look for in a holiday is diversity. Having a new experience every day is something I relish, and nothing says variety more than South Africa. (READ MORE)

How You Can Retire Early Using Lifetime Cash Flow Forecasting

For many of us, the prospect of finally leaving work for good and focusing on the aspects of life they truly enjoy is a wondrous dream. Just imagine it now; leisurely days filled with holidays, quality time with your grandchildren and the ability to embark on whatever whim takes your fancy. (READ MORE)

What Happens to My Pension When I Die?

Saving for retirement is a fantastic discipline that you want to be rewarded for during your lifetime, but many of my clients always ask “What happens to my pension when I die?” (READ MORE)

Where to Retire in the UK

When I sat down to write about where to retire in the UK, I thought I’d simply tell you what I liked best about the British Isles. Truth be known, I really didn’t know where to start. (READ MORE)

How Can You Best Save for Retirement?

Saving enough for retirement is a huge financial hurdle that you need to be able to get over to be able to live out your Dream Retirement™. (READ MORE)

5 Top Tips for a Dream Retirement on an Average Retirement Income

I regularly get asked how to retire early, or what is the average retirement income needed to support you in your later years. (READ MORE)


Pensions Freedom – Your Guide Through the New Legislation

For anyone concerned with retirement the past 18 months have been a tense time. With the media, the Government and even the barman at your local talking pensions, how we save for our golden years has been the red-hot topic on everyone’s lips. (READ MORE)


The 3 Key Ingredients of a Happy and Healthy Retirement

Research shows that early retirement reduces our life expectancy. For example, Josef Zweimuller’s research showed for every year of early retirement, people lose around two months of their life expectancy. (READ MORE)

How Can I Boost My Retirement Income When It Isn’t Enough?

This is always a difficult question to answer. So many people have already reached retirement and then start to ask, “How can I boost my retirement income”? (READ MORE)

How to Get into Running in Retirement

A great friend of mine, who I met on ‘Enlightened Warrior Training Camp’, is fanatical about her running. Her business specialises in teaching physiotherapists how to get their clients to run better. (READ MORE)

What Happens to My Drawdown Pension If I Die?

Many of us want to leave a legacy to our loved ones and there are several ways, such as saving and using Trusts, of facilitating this. (READ MORE)

Should I Take All the Money Out of My Pension When I Retire?

It used to be a universal truth that, if you were at a dinner party, and you dared to disclose that you worked in pensions, people instantly made their excuses and left the table. (READ MORE)

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