About Dream Retirement

Charlie Reading is a chartered financial planner, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of The Dream Retirement’. This book will teach you about how to secure your money and retire happy.

Charlie began over 16 years ago as a Financial Advisor. He found his passion in helping people find freedom in finance and worked his way up through the financial sector over the following 6 years where he became an Independent Financial Advisor leading to him becoming the Founder & Managing Director of Efficient Portfolio.

Charlie has successfully helped many people save for, manage, and enjoy their retirement, often when they didn’t think they had saved enough to be able to. Through careful planning he has shown them how they can maximise their money, reduce their risk, and design an income strategy that delivers the life they desire.

Charlie is an inspiration and a guide on how you can turn your new life into a FANTASTIC, FRUITFUL and FULFILLING existence. Charlie teaches the secrets to ensure you know how much you can spend in retirement without running out and how to design the retirement of your dreams packed full of activities that stimulate your body and mind, whilst ensuring you have the health to be able to live out that new dream life. Charlie’s passion is to show you what to do NOW for an amazing THEN! Make your later years your best years!

Charlie also focuses on what makes you happy and healthy, what makes your mind tick and what strengthens your relationships; because ultimately the financial side of retirement is just the starting point. Charlie’s goal is to teach people how to create their dream retirement, in all aspects.

Dream-Retirement.com is the brain of Charlie Reading. With his desire to expand awareness of the true joy retirement can hold for all of us with the opportunity to experience our “Bucket List” activities over and over when we plan our retirement effectively he needed a means to communicate that message on a greater scale. Dream-Retirement.com was born.

Dream-Retirement.com is, in effect, the Marketing Division of Efficient Portfolio. Dream-Retirement.com offers visitors an array of FREE information, tools and even FREE books and FREE Seminars and Webinars plus FREE Dream Retirement Consultations. Any visitor should surely check our the depth and breadth of the retirement experience learning available on our Blog page. Charlie’s passion for amazing retirement planning and the the very real outcomes you can create for your own retirement experience are all right here in Dream-Retirement.com”

Efficient Portfolio is based in both Rutland and London and specialises in investment and retirement planning, with particular focus on investment management, wealth protection, and retirement strategies. Having been in the financial services industry since 1999, his qualifications place him in the top 10% of all financial advisers in the UK. Efficient Portfolio is made up of only chartered financial planners, which puts it in the top 7% in the finance industry. Charlie and his team at Efficient Portfolio give their clients the chance to reach and maintain financial freedom and empower them with the ability to fulfil their ambitions by building a unique financial plan where the key aspects are focused on what is important to the client. They will be able to plan, build and protect their wealth with clarity and simplicity, ensuring that they can enjoy the future of their dreams; whatever they may be!