If you have read ‘The Dream Retirement’ (Download your free copy here) or read my ‘2 Week Detox Challenge’ (download here) you will know that I live by a ‘Skinny Weeks and Weekend Treats’ principal. I try to avoid dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and meat during the week, but at the weekend allow myself to delve back into these, albeit in moderation. What I love about this approach is that I now crave the good food more on a Monday than I do the bad on a Friday, but could it be my bacteria talking to me instead of my conscience?

According to Julie Beck of www.theatlantic.com, ‘Humans’ gastrointestinal tracts are home to 10,000 species of bacteria, which take their energy from our half-digested lunches. In exchange, they help us break down food and keep harmful bacteria out; they have also been shown to help regulate fat storage and provide vitamins.’ But interesting recent research has shown that it can actually be our bacteria that influences our cravings.

You may remember the docufilm ‘Supersize Me’ where Morgan Spurlock tried to live for 30 days on nothing but food from the most famous fast-food franchise in the world. After a few days he was being violently sick, and medical advice actually recommended he stop for fear of him not making the full 30 days. Initially repulsed by the excess stomach wrenching fast food, as the time went on he actually started to crave it. How can that be?

Research now shows that this is because the bacteria is his gut was changing, and the burger craving bacteria had flourished in these toxic conditions. Less extreme situations have led to the same, for example in people that crave chocolate and people that don’t.

Having lived by my principals for over 4 years, this now explains a lot. I’ve learnt that by detoxing, particularly for 2 weeks at a time, you can rebalance your gut and massively reduce the cravings of those things you want to ditch from your diet. You can engineer your cravings so that you crave the right things, not the wrong things, and you can do it relatively quickly.

Don’t believe me? There is only one way you will find out! Try my 2 Week Detox Challenge (download here), and see how you feel after 2 weeks, or even better, try it for a month and really feel the benefit! I guarantee you will crave all those bad things less and less. You might only want to cut out one thing, and you can achieve the same by doing this. Eating lean and green has never been easier, with more supermarkets stocking good alternatives. I have just come back from a business conference where 5 of the 20 attendees were vegan. This is a growing trend, and for good reason; people want to take care of their bodies to they can live a long and healthy Life 2.0, the new version of their life. So join the revolution and try our 2 Week Detox Challenge (download here).

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