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Saving for retirement is a fantastic discipline that you want to be rewarded for during your lifetime, but many of my clients always ask “What […]

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Where to Retire in the UK

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When I sat down to write about where to retire in the UK, I thought I’d simply tell you what I liked best about the […]

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Saving enough for retirement is a huge financial hurdle that you need to be able to get over to be able to live out your […]

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I regularly get asked how to retire early, or what is the average retirement income needed to support you in your later years. Given that […]

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For anyone concerned with retirement the past 18 months have been a tense time. With the media, the Government and even the barman at your […]

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Research shows that early retirement reduces our life expectancy. For example, Josef Zweimuller’s research showed for every year of early retirement, people lose around two […]

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This is always a difficult question to answer. So many people have already reached retirement and then start to ask, “How can I boost my […]

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  A great friend of mine, who I met on ‘Enlightened Warrior Training Camp’, is fanatical about her running. Her business specialises in teaching physiotherapists […]

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Many of us want to leave a legacy to our loved ones and there are several ways, such as saving and using Trusts, of facilitating […]

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Retirement (2)

For many of us, the prospect of finally leaving work for good and focusing on the aspects of life they truly enjoy is a wondrous […]

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