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Your Purpose

During your working life, you usually have a fairly clear purpose, because this is often linked to your day-to-day role. It may be that you weren’t lucky enough to make a living from your purpose, so that is what you do in your free time. It may be that your ...
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The Hot Power Yoga Morning

This short sequence is designed by Dylan Ayaloo ( to work on the areas of the body that suffer most in our modern, desk-bound stressful lives—the shoulders, hips and lower back. The sequence balances strength with flexibility and is suitable for beginners, for both men and women, and for those ...
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How To Get Into Running

I tried to get into running and failed—partly because it didn’t excite me, and partly because it caused me pain. For many, however, running in retirement provides a huge reward. There is a guy that I used to play squash against that it clearly works for. The Rural Business Community ...
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How To Get Into Cycling

After UPW, I realised I needed to do more to get fit. So I started running. Whilst it was quite enjoyable, it started causing me problems with my knees. I decided to buy a bike—the first one I had owned since I was a teenager—in the hope that I would ...
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Create Energy Pt.2

In continuation of the previous post, here are the other steps you need to follow to create energy for your body. 80% Natural Foods Eating the right food to generate energy is about providing your body with the nutrients it needs in a form it can digest. As a result, ...
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