Money isn't enough for a dream retirement. You also need to correctly invest your wealth so that it provides a sustainable income stream. Learn how with our extensive array of informative articles and videos.

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After you retire one of the biggest questions is, "What do I do with all my time?". This can be a terrifying question and few know the answer. Are you ready? Find out more with our extensive array of informative articles and videos.

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Health and wellbeing become critically important during retirement. You've worked so hard your entire life and now it's time to enjoy your golden years. Do you have what it takes for retirement? Learn more with our extensive array of informative articles and videos.

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Retirement FREEDOM

Retirement freedom is the ultimate goal, but what does that mean? For some people it means sitting on the beach, for others it means taking the grandchildren to Disney World and for others it means gardening as much as you want. What does retirement freedom mean to you? Learn what Retirement FREEDOM can be for you with our extensive array of informative articles and videos.

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Rebalance For Safety

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Goals Don’t Have an Age Limit

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Your Retirement FREEDOM

We’ve built this community to help you achieve your retirement goals. For some this is a daunting task, but with our help it doesn’t need to be. Join Author Charlie Reading as he shares everything he knows about preparing for and living the Dream Retirement experience at one of our FREE 9-Steps to a Dream Retirement seminar. Register NOW


We specialise in helping you plan, manage and enjoy your money in retirement. We will show you how to use the Lifetime Cash Flow Forecast to solve the confusing and overwhelming retirement options available, giving you the confidence to spend quality time with each other, your friends and your family throughout your retirement!


We are devoted to giving you the opportunity to create a fulfilling life, the chance to pursue your purposes and enjoy a balance of activities. By doing this you will find yourself enjoying a happy, carefree and peaceful retirement.



We will show you how to feel energised, boost your health, achieve an active mind, prevent boredom and create outstanding relationships with your family and friends, resulting in prolonged life, fulfilment and lasting happiness.

Retirement Freedom

We help you plan your future from a financial perspective, so you can build a fulfilling and happy retirement. We offer tools and services through the ‘The Dream Retirement’ book, seminars, tools and programmes, both live and online, as well as affordable one-to-one advice, giving you the chance to build the retirement of your dreams.